Hunting Tur and Siberian Roe Deer in Russia with the Stalker Group

by Tim Jones

Geographic Focus of Article: Russia

Hunt Area: - Kabardino-Balkariya, Karachayevo-Cherkesiya, Kurgan Oblast

Issue: December 2012 | Article ID: 2994

The Stalker Group, a new Russian hunting agency, has received two positive hunt reports on hunts for Tur and Siberian roe deer from Hunting Report subscribers. You’ll recall in our October issue we reported that this Moscow-based agency had been instrumental in helping subscriber Jan Østergard extract his wisent (European bison) trophy from a bureaucratic morass in Belarus and get it to his home in Denmark, a task that his original outfitter, Belhunt had not been able to accomplish in 18 months. We wondered if other subscribers had any experience with Stalker Group and sure, enough, two responded immediately.

In Report 8902, subscriber Alfred Wynn tells us that he researched Stalker Group carefully before booking a successful Tur hunt with them in southwestern Russia for this past September. “Stalker Group brings a new level of customer service to this part of the hunting world. They are emerging as a prominent outfitter. Three partners have joined together to form Stalker Group: Yuri Morozov, Anna Chepiga and Evgeny Kharitonov. This threesome has considerable experience and strong reputations for excellence. They all speak fluent English and Russian (of course). Stalker Group offers high quality hunts at value pricing.” (Anna Chepiga was the partner who did the legwork getting Østergard’s wisent trophy shipped.) “Stalker set up my hunt to accommodate an older hunter (age 67) who can still climb 10 hours a day but slower than I used to. My PH, Evgeny Kharitonov, met me at the Moscow airport and stayed by my side for 11 days. I didn’t want to waste energy traversing back and forth to base camp, so we used horses to transport hunter, guides, gear and food to fly camps, then hunted on foot.” “I saw 100-plus West Caucasian tur in two days, including several nice rams. I also saw 50-plus mid-Caucasian tur in four days, but eight-plus-year-old rams were hard to find. My hunt ended eight days early.”

Wynn reports taking both a mid-Caucasian tur (122 2/8 SCI) in the Russian Republic of Kabardino-Balkariya and a West Caucasian tur (137 3/8 SCI) in the Republic of Karachayevo-Cherkesiya during an 11-day hunt. You can see photos in our online Trophy Snapshots. <> Subscriber Hobson Reynolds (Report 8903) also hunted with Stalker Group in August, 2012, in the Kurgan Oblast (Province) of Russia along the Kazakhstan border. His quarry was Siberian roe deer, and he reports taking three deer, but doesn’t give scores. “The Siberian roe deer is a worthy trophy,” he says. He began his hunt in a forested area where game was scarce, and later moved to an area with wheat fields where deer were abundant. At press time for the printed version of this issue, we had not heard back from Reynolds with any other details. But before distributing the digital version of The Hunting Report, we received more information. Turns out, Reynolds says he had booked hunts with Yuri Morozov and Anna Chepiga when they were with hunting organizer Profi Hunt, and he saw no reason not to try Stalker Group for this hunt (an add-on to an unsuccessful moose hunt he had privately arranged). He tells us the outfitting, camp, food, guiding and trophy care were all excellent for his hunt and that he’d recommend it. The only problems he reports with were general travel hassles, using a borrowed weapon, and some communication problems. Among the highlights of the hunt he lists the quality of his trophies, the Russian food and traveling from Moscow to Yekaterinberg in the Ural Mountains on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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