West and Mid Caucasian Tur Hunting.

By Alfred L Wynn. Report ID 8902.

Tur - Availability: Abundant - Trophy Size: 137 3/8 SCI (West Caucasian)

Tur, Mid Caucasian - Availability: Average - Trophy Size: 122 2/8 SCI

Tur were in excellent condition with layers of fat on bodies. I saw 100+ west Caucasian tur in 2 days including several nice rams. Saw 50+ mid Caucasian tur in 4 days, but 8+ year old rams hard to find. My hunt ended 8 days early due to successful kills. 3 partners have joined together to form Stalker Group: Yuri Morozon, Anna Chepiga, and Evgeny Kharitonov. This threesome has considerable experience and strong reputations for excellence - I checked them out before I booked with them. They all speak fluent English and Russian of course. Stalker Group offers high quality hunts at value pricing.

Highlights: Taking huge 31.5" west Caucasian tur on 10,600 ft ridgeline stalk. Final stalk/kill of mid Caucasian tur that started with 2 am ascent of 2600 ft in elevation and ended with 400 yard shot before rams escaped to their sanctuary.

Stalker Group brings a new level of customer service to this part of the hunting world. They are emerging as a prominent outfitter. Stalker set up my hunt to accommodate an older hunter (age 67) who can still climb but not waste energy traversing back and forth to base camp. My PH met me at Moscow airport and stayed by my side for 11 days.

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