Stalker Group was founded in 2011. Being quite young as a company, it has united specialists with a long-term experience in the field of hunting and fishing tourism. Our team consists of wildlife biologists, professional office and field managers devoted to their work.

Our main operating principles are individual attention to every client and high quality service.

We strive for you to achieve your goals, enjoy your trip to the maximum and get optimum results. Complete professionalism and responsibility of our employees guarantee that all your demands will be met accurately and well-timed.

It is you, the lover of challenging routes and extreme trips, the best and rear trophy collector, who shall find what you need within our offers. We shall encourage your passion and help you to organize the hunt of your dreams. We will do our best to make sure you achieve your goal and bag the long-desired trophy. This will be the material memory of your victory won on at the other part of the world or on your own continent; the great victory you won with your weapon in time of peace.
We are proud to help you to conquer new continents and countries, to expand your horizons and get the invaluable experience.

Stalker Group – your point of support, move the world with us!

Yuriy Morozov

Yuriy Morozov | CEO | Wild life Bioligist

Anna Chepiga

Anna Chepiga | CFO | International tourism (Russia, CIS and Asia)

Evgeniy Kharitonov

Evgeniy Kharitonov | Manager | International tourism (Russia, CIS and Asia)

Julia Khachadurova

Julia Khachadurova | Manager | International tourism (Russia, CIS and Asia)

Veronika Morozova-Roever | Manager (US representative) | International tourism (Africa, South and North America, Australia and Oceania, Europe)

Vadim Plaksin | PH | International tourism (Russia, CIS and Asia)